Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer's Coming . . . ?

I’ve just noticed that April’s blog I titled as “Winter’s Gone”.  Well that was premature wasn’t it!  But in case you need something positive to cling to, the great summer of 1976 didn’t start until June 22nd, apparently, and it rained for the early weeks.  We can but hope!

Jubilee week has been and gone and we decided that we must be the only business that didn’t manage to apply even the most tenuous link between our products and the Queen’s big week (surely a red white and blue frame would look rubbish!) .  It became quite amusing seeing what other businesses managed to promote as being to “celebrate the jubilee”.

We are now fully in the flow of exhibition season again.  The deadlines are getting shorter, the feeling of panic is rising amongst some artists (and us) and some of the exhibition rules on sizes, finishes and hangings appear to need a degree in deciphering!  Happy days!