Monday, 25 June 2012

It's in the Can . . .

Well we had some fun today.  We finally got around to having some professional photographs taken of our workshops.  We need some pictures for our new website (yes, we are eventually going to update the website!) and no matter how good your camera is, and how well you know Photoshop (I use it every day), there is no substitute for a professional photographer with genuine creative skills. 

We’ve worked with Clipston based photographer Rob Leveritt for quite a while now, so he got the dodgy brief of trying to take interesting shots of picture framing in progress!  He didn’t even flinch when I asked for some shots to represent our laminating and dry mounting service!!!  Exciting stuff indeed!

The main thing we learnt is that the only time you should wear white shirts & blouses whilst picture framing is for a photo shoot - it’s a grubby business!

So the make-up has been packed away, the models have retired to their Winnebago and the shots are ‘in the can’.  We await the result with great interest.
Have a look at Rob’s web site,  he has a really unique flair for getting really natural portrait photography - so different from those factory-line portrait studios.