Monday, 2 April 2012

Winter's Gone

Well here we are in spring again.  It’s been nice to have the workshop doors open again and to wear a few less layers.

Jess mastering 'The Beast'!
Every time we think we’ve got the workshop sorted we found ourselves having change it all around again (with lots of upheaval ).  The latest addition to the workshop is a very nice pneumatic twin mitre saw  . . . . I know you’re impressed !  We decided to upgrade to this rather large piece of equipment as it gives a far better cut allowing us to get an even nicer finish on the frame corners.  It also lets us offer some frames that we couldn’t cut before, either due to size or the type of material.

My simple assumption that we could just buy a mitre saw were, as ever, naïve (my learning curve continues!) I soon found out we had to buy and fit an enormous compressor to drive it and a complex (and noisy) dust extraction system.  I think any illusions about picture framing being a cute traditional craft are rapidly disappearing !
Eater is a few days away, so I hope you all enjoy the break.