Tuesday, 18 February 2014

January and the Picture Framing world.

2014 started with a real bang for us and it felt a little like where we left off before Christmas, so that’s my usual excuse for taking so long to update our blog. 

The New Year has brought us the usual fantastic range of items to be framed, from large to small, from pleasant and cheerful to the elaborate and pricey!

Back at work in January tends to be the time when you reflect on the previous business year. When talking to other businesses around us, it struck me that by comparison our industry has a really good bunch of suppliers. The companies that we deal with have all been reliable, pleasant and professional . Without this our life would be harder. Maybe because the picture framing world is primarily a friendly one, that (almost) everyone in is equally pleasant. Certainly having to solve the odd crisis always shows the best in our suppliers - they really do come up with the goods (literally) when we need them to.  

So, belatedly, happy new year to all our suppliers - and can we have a bit more extended credit? (if you don’t ask, you don’t get!)