Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Year is Nearly Done . . .

This is pretty much a final wrap-up blog for this year. December has again been a record month for us, with a lot of late nights and weekends spent at the work benches. Every one of our gang has been their usual magnificent selves, and we haven’t missed a single deadline - Phew!

The new van decided to breakdown big-time 8 days after we bought it, but it’s all fixed and now displaying its shiny new livery. As ever, give us a wave if you see us out and about.

We’ve been doing some exciting (and at times challenging) new work on an art collection based on the theme of war. This exhibition is due to run throughout the year as part of the 100th commemoration of the 1st World War. We’ll give more details about this once we’re given permission to do so.

A quick tot-up of our records shows that we welcomed 381 new customers this year and we thank everyone who came and found us, as well as all the regular customers who continue to support us. It really is appreciated.

We’re pretty pleased that we’ve been able to create a couple more jobs this year and that is all down to our customers (with sod all help from government schemes that are never aimed at genuinely small businesses - but I’m not allowed to end the year on a rant!).  

So on that note, we wish everyone a great Christmas and a peaceful New Year. The photo shows the loneliest Christmas tree on our little industrial estate - but it’s cheered everyone up!

Happy Christmas!