Monday, 15 April 2013

Is Spring Here?

Well thank heavens the snow has gone. Is it too much to hope that spring has finally arrived? Remarkably we had our busiest ever January and February & March, so thank you to everyone who did make their way through the snow, ice, fog and rain.

We continue to see a wide range of art through our workshops and the usual high-quality selection of professional and hobby enthusiast photography. Our Canon large format printer giclĂ©e and photographic printer seems to be running all the while these days. And don’t even get me on the topic of the new print heads that it miraculously seems to need the same time every year - irrespective of how many prints we’ve done! If there are any conspiracy theorists amongst you, I’d like to join gang.

With a number of private exhibitions coming up we’ve been busy making sure we hit a few deadlines. (we haven’t missed one yet!)

And, talk about famous last words; having praised our trusty old van in our last blog, it decided to blow its clutch to bits on the North Circular, enroute to making a delivery in London. It wasn't the best of days!