Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Milestone is Reached!

The trusty old van has just reached its 100,000 mile mark. We’d like to say that that makes 100,000 miles of delivering frames, but it spent the first 40,000 of its life delivering fitted kitchens, but that still makes 60,000 miles of lugging frames about.

It’s been a reliable old workhorse (famous last words) but is probably the slowest van on the road - we didn’t splash out on the turbo version!

The van is pretty well known round these areas, and everyone waves as we travel around. They seem to prefer waving at Jess and Jules rather than me (Rob), so you can draw your own conclusions about that!

Please note in the photo that we’re strictly obeying the speed limit - but don’t speculate too much on how we took the photo!