Saturday, 3 September 2011

Is it Autumn? !

Oh well, I’m still failing to keep even one blog per month – the usual excuse I’m pleased to say!

There’s much I could (should) have blogged about over the last few weeks. We’ve seen a plethora of good works coming through the workshop in preparation for Open Studios and the Harborough Cluster events in September (and we’re a sponsor of the Harborough Cluster).

There’s already been a good round of exhibitions through summer and we’re delighted to see the names of the various winners where we have donated prizes to these events.

We did see one particularly amazing piece of work by Dylan Waldron - a six foot long panoramic of a local view. It was amazing on two counts: 1, just what an incredible piece of art it was, and 2, the fact that we had to find and fit a 6’ piece of special acrylic (glass didn’t suit it). New to us, this acrylic is now used in Museums and is completely scratch resistant, completely clear and with Ultra Violet protection - ain’t all this new technology amazing!

If you want to see other work by Dylan, have a look at his website

Finally, we’ve added to our collection of mouldings this month with a superb up-market (yes, more expensive) range from Larson Juhl. Most of the time cost is an issue for people, but when the piece warrants it, these frame styles are absolutely fantastic. We even had to find a bit more wall to display them all.

That’s it, a whole month covered in one blog !