Friday, 15 July 2011

Exhibition Season is Here !

Well June and July are proving a busy couple of months and the ‘exhibition season’ gets fully underway. Last weekend we were privileged to attend the opening of a one man exhibition by Chris Prout at the Alfred East gallery in Kettering. Blimey it was packed!

I haven’t previously mentioned any of ‘our artists’ (i.e. artists we do work for – not artists we own!) but I think that ought to change – starting now. Chris is an extremely talented chap and we know he’s been stressing on the run up to this showing of 50 of his originals. He was also kind enough to credit us as one of the sponsors – although we didn’t actually do much to help (but thanks anyway!).

If you get a chance, do pop over and see his works. It’s a cut above what you’d see in the everyday (same old, same old) high street galleries. And for those of you who like to invest in art, here’s a tip: . . . . . . by an original now – the feeling is that it will soon be an investment that you’re glad you made!

Information on the gallery can be found at and Chris’s own site is worth a read http://

In the mean time we’ll continue with the rather last list of frames that need doing. Blimey we get to see some nice stuff come through the workshop – and this week’s beena real gem for that. It’s a real shame more people don’t get to see these works. Anybody want to lend us a gallery?!