Friday, 21 November 2014

It all takes time !

It all takes time, but at last the new workshop is 90% operational. Last weekend was the big day with the long awaited knocking through of the wall. Yippee!

The fantastic racking, from the fantastic people at Recon Storage of Peterborough has been delivered and installed - but only after I had to redo my measurements! The wooden moulding racks are made and we can at last see what we have in stock - and be able to reach it!

The new saw, the new underpinner, and the new vertical rotary guillotine are also all in and working (sort of). There are a few tweaks to do, but we’ll sort that.

So, on with the Christmas orders (yes, the board is full already) and hopefully we can concentrate a bit more on our customers once more. Sorry if I’ve been a bit distracted when any of you have called in. A lot to organise !!!!!