Thursday, 14 August 2014

We've Gone Even More Hi-Tech !

We’ve gone high-tech! We’re just finishing a project to digitally scan every print, mount or framing order we’ve ever taken and store them on some enormous database in ‘the cloud’ (a posh term for a big computer that no one knows the whereabouts of! ).  

Why?, because it means we can now instantly lookup the details of any order that anyone has placed over the last 10 years. We’ve always been good at storing every orders sheet in alphabetical order, but with thousands of customers and thousands of orders it was getting bit difficult to find something quickly - and crawling around in the bottom draw of the filing cabinets just hurts! 

We are regularly asked for “the same frame I had 3 years ago” or “just the same mount colour as last time” which is all information kept on the orders sheets and now at our finger tips.

For the techies amongst us, the fantastic little Canon scanner we bought scans 20 double sided pages a minute and automatically creates an indexed PDF. We love the gadget - it is our favourite new toy. And we love the software that we had specifically written for us by a local development company.  

Even poor Maddie, who has spent the last month and a half feeding-in thousands of order sheets, actually loves her toy. She’s possessive about it !!!

Maddie has been our secret filing girl and tidier-upper for about a year now. Initially she came after college but has recently been full-time. We also congratulate her on getting her A levels results today, all above the grades she was expecting. Well done Maddie - and no, A levels don’t give you an automatic pay rise! 

Below is Maddie doing her second least favourite job - clearing out the mitre saw!