Wednesday, 21 May 2014

the Sun is Out - and so are the Artists !

Well we can tell that the exhibition season is approaching, the benches are full to overflowing (although I had to just take a quick photo when one area of bench was actually clear - for about one minute!).

The last month or so has seen a spate of quite large pieces to frame (they’re always nice to do) and quite a run on fabric pieces. It still amazes us how a nice piece of fabric can be transformed into a fantastic piece of wall art once it’s been properly framed. The art is definitely in choosing the right frame and mount - and with a little help, our customers choose some really stylish combinations.

We’re still very busy with our various corporate customers (although we’re not allowed to say who they are) and we still enjoy and are amazed at the incredible range of work that we get from the cooperate customers, through to all the artists we work for, the professional photographers we print for, right through to all our private individual customers - who in bring in a fantastic array of pictures, memorabilia, photos, tapestries . . . . . . . . you name it, we get it . . . . . and the stuff is great. We’re certainly never bored!