Thursday, 29 August 2013

A New Toy Arrives

This is as exciting as our lives get! Lurking in our goods-in bay is our brand new computerised underpinner - it’s the machine that nails the corners together. I know, this may not seem that exciting to our customers, but for us picture framers a new state of the art bit of equipment means it might be easier to keep on top of all the orders. Actually, it means we can make an even better job of those tricky corners - the framer’s nemesis!

Our current underpinner is also a computerised machine, so this new one must therefore be even more computerised!

We’ve had a peek in the box, but there’s a lot of bits and pieces in there, so we’re waiting for Neil, the engineer who looks after all our equipment (rather well actually, but don’t tell him in case he puts his charges up!) to come and install the beast. We’ll post a picture of the new shiny toy once it’s in place - if it fits !