Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hardly Earth Shattering News

Well it's a sad confession that we don't seem to have anything interesting to say about our world of framing and art printing.  I could use the excuse that we've been very busy (which we have) but I know that I've used that excuse in previous blogs.
But the truth is that the customers keep coming (thank you all so much!) and the weeks just fly by.  We're still seeing some fantastic pieces of art and some really nice photography, but don't seem to have time to write about them. 
About the most interesting thing to happen is that we've finally got around building the customer counter in the workshop.  This in itself is not that interesting were not for the fact that I built it!  Now those of you who know me will know what an achievement this is.  However, I'm not willing to confess how long it took me to build.  Let's just say that the carpenters in the area are not under any threat from me!  But hey, it's built, and it's strong enough to lean on!
Finally, has anyone noticed the word 'Christmas' has started to be mentioned!