Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Belated Happy New Year

Well as January ends we are back in the swing of it (as is everyone!).   We still can’t comprehend that we’ve been in the new unit for a year.  Where did that year go?

It’s that time of year when all the suppliers change their pricing and we too have to do a few sums.  But nothing looks too bad this year so hopefully no hefty increases for anyone.

Our main news for this month is that we have been joined full-time by Jessica.  Jess came to us in October last year after graduating from DeMontfort University with a BA (hons) in Craft & Design for just a few weeks of work experience.  From that point on we haven’t let her go!  But in all seriousness it’s great to have someone whose skills, interests and qualifications are perfectly aligned with what we do – and it’s certainly great to have another very capable pair of hands.

Our great mystery since we have been at our unit is our front door.  For those who haven’t been, it has a sign on it saying ‘come straight in’ and there is the huge industrial signage overhead with our name and logo on it.  There is also normally our van parked outside.  So why then do loads of customers walk straight into the neighbouring business - a cleaning machinery workshop!?  It’s baffled us all and must be some kind of optical illusion.  We’ve all stood outside trying to see why, but we’re baffled.  Fortunately Dan, next door, is a good chap and joyfully brings everyone back to our doorstep.   I may post a photo next month.  Rob