Monday, 7 March 2011

Getting There

A quick update on the workshop. The new flooring has gone down (less dust!), the blinds have been fitted (less sunburn!) and we actually have a ‘chevron wall’ (less rummaging in boxes!).

We’ve started some local advertising and we’ve seen a few new local customers walking in. All very welcome.

We’re working with a new local designer who is giving our marketing stuff a general going over. We’re very excited by his designs and hopefully we will soon see a new set of brochures and a very colourful van!

I know a lot of this is not the most exciting thing for our customers and those of you who read our blog, but as anyone who has run their own small business will know, these little advances are what can make the job (and the risks) a little more satisfying. Obviously a lot of customers paying lots of money can also make business satisfying, but hey . . . . . you can’t have everything.